Investing with Us

An investment in Mirrabooka can be used for a number of different purposes. For example some shareholders use Mirrabooka as part of their self managed superfund to gain a cost effective exposure to the small mid cap sector of the Australian market as part of their portfolio diversification strategy.

To become a shareholder you need to have or open an account with a stockbroker which can be an online broker. Once you have done that the next step is to provide funds so the broker can accept an order to buy shares in Mirrabooka (ASX code: MIR). Your online broker, stockbroker or your financial planner will assist you with what you need.

The ASX has a list of recommended stockbrokers which are available on its website:

Note Mirrabooka does not charge entry or exit fees when shareholders acquire or dispose of their holdings, although transaction costs will be borne when buying or selling through a stockbroker.

Mirrabooka offers a fully franked dividend yield which can be attractive to certain investors like self managed superfunds.